Notes from The Road

Almost Two Years to the Day

I'm looking back on something that I wrote almost two years ago to the day. When all this wayward adventuring was merely a daydream from a desk in a shared house off Devenger Road in Greenville, South Carolina.

Now the reality's here. It's been here for a while.

Thing's have been weirder, wilder and more wonderful than even I could have fathomed. And I've got quite the imagination.

I got held up in Chiang Mai longer than I expected after obtaining the Cambridge CELTA Certification. I ended up appearing alongside the top finalists on Thailand's Got Talent with my then Thai girlfriend, Anna. After monthly trips back and forth between Chiang Mai and Bangkok for auditions and additional rounds -- and another hard and heavy two weeks down the Mekong River in Laos for a brief holiday retreat -- we eventually lost. And I subsequently wound up in Hanoi, Vietnam to replenish my bank account based on widespread rumors of the Great Rush of high-paying English teaching jobs against an insanely low cost of living situation.

These rumors ended up carrying great merit, and many, including myself, have reaped the benefits. 

This was originally a six-month plan that turned into almost two years of hard-wired exploits while jerkily climbing the rungs of the rope ladder that is the ESL Industry.

I'll delve into more details at another time. Especially considering that this is merely the beginning of the story.

But the prediction of my "plans" from two years ago, as loose as they were to begin with, have proven to be fairly on par.

I do have a solid plan now. And that is that I'll be fleeing Hanoi in late April of 2015 to hit a very symbolic, lawn-seated Van Morrison concert with my father and mother on April 24th, then bang around the Carolinas for a couple of months -- catching up with family and friends, playing reunion shows with the band and also a run of solo gigs. I'm hitting a very important wedding in Charleston, South Carolina as well before jetting off for Prague in the early summer.

In the words of Col. Frank Slade: "Hold me down, son!"

Below are some original musings from December 2013:

It's a strange feeling, buying a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

Though I must admit, it's good to have these pangs of wild-eyed nervousness and hard-wired daydreams back again. In a few months I'm clocking out. I'll be bound for Thailand, making my way to International House in the northern city of Chiang Mai, where I've been accepted to take the CELTA -- an English-teaching certification that allows one gainful employment in most countries across the globe. From there, it's anybody's guess what city I'm heading to: maybe Osaka, Tokyo, or hell, get back to Bangkok. Really dig in the heels. Maybe Budapest, Venice, Brussels or Barcelona later on. The list goes on and on. Hey, I'm open to suggestions. Anywhere with a steady influx of music, mayhem, laughter, good food, good people and a guitar nearby is just fine by me. Here's to the next step -- however truly mad it may be.


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